Custom Installation Service

Just as each home is unique, so is the solution to be used. As the first option, we offer a complete automation package. Our experts can advise you on what accessories are recommended within your chosen site.

Once you decide to go ahead with installation, our technician will professionaly install and connect your new system.

Step-by-step Upgrade Service

As a second option, we can upgrade your existing equipment with up-to-date Smart Home devices to give you all the benefits of home security and automation.

Zone-by-zone upgrade service lets you build your smart home as you need grow, one solution at a time. You may start with Basic lighting package (the lighting control, smart bulbs and outlets) to reduce the energy cost. Then you may wish to expand to door locks, temperature control, security cameras, etc. Being professional installers, we can also help to ensure that your connected devices work in harmony with any other smart home systems that you may have at home.

Installation Solutions For Homes & Businesses In Toronto

Work Includes:

  • Identification of the installation area
  • Installation of smart home security devices
  • Connection of smart home devices to your smart hub and/or WiFi network, and performance of first-time set-up
  • Installation and set-up of mobile app
  • Demonstration of commonly used features

    Please note: A functioning Wi-Fi with administrative access, personal email account, smartphone (Apple iOS greater than/equal to v.10.0 or Android greater than/equal to v.5.0) are required. The products are designed to work on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Please ensure your device is connected to your desired network during the device set-up.
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