Smart Home Installation

Installation, service and sales of smarthome devices and related products in Toronto & GTA. We provide installation of door locks, doorbell cams, garage door openers, a wide range of home sensors, electrical outlets and switches, smart lighting, and etc.

Home automation is now available for anyone. Every home can be turned into high-tech property on a reasonable budget. Many homeowners already installed smart devices in their homes, while others are just starting to move forward.

Automation allows you to manage many areas of your home, from any location, with voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. You can control doorlocks, garage door openers, doorbell cameras, lights, smart thermostats, and various sensors in your home.

Home automation technology is handy in tracking, logging and notifying of any activity throughout the house. Through the monitoring of energy consumption, smart home devices are capable of saving resources, thus paying themselves off in the longterm.

Free In-Home Estimate - experienced smart home technician visits your home to identify your needs and to estimate your project costs.

Home Automation Benefits

  • Comfort & Convenience:
    Home automation eliminates the need to adjust lighting or temperature manually. With a single touch of a button any smartphone becomes a remote capable of controlling the components of connected home system from a distance.
  • Voice Commands:
    Voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant enable smart home devices control via a simple command.
  • No lost keys:
    New generation of smart locks provides a keyless & secure entry for your home and/or business. Assign keys to friends and visitors, giving access on specific times and dates.
  • Time-saver:
    Instead of getting up to flip the light switch, you reach for your smartphone. Automations let you set up complex actions, triggerable by voice, time or event.
  • Security:
    Increased home safety will make you relaxed. You'll get mobile device alerts from smart home automation system if something is not right.